Maui Express is a locally owned and operated restaurant, started by Kansas City native Dave Hedrick in 2005. His passion was to bring healthy fast food alternatives to his home town that was delicious and affordable.

  • Steaming hot, fresh cooked food
  • Beef and chicken grilled on an open flame
  • Rice and vegetables steam-cooked
  • No frying!
  • All at a very affordable price!

Maui Express is a unique fast food experience in Overland Park! Try one of our Teriyaki Bowls or sip our famous Maui Iced Tea! Fast food that is made from fresh, healthy ingredients, prepped in store every day. Made to order when you order. 

Maui Express closed April 24, 2021. We have been honored to provide healthy and flavorful food to our customers for 16 years. It has always been our passion to offer a unique and needed alternative in the vast wasteland of fast food. We have been rewarded with the grateful appreciation of our loyal customers.